5 Reasons This Waterproof Tub Pillow from Everlasting Comfort is Transforming Bath Time for the Whole Family 

Taking a bath can be a relaxing end to a long and stressful day. However, it’s a lot more relaxing if during the bath you are able to completely let go. That can be difficult if your neck is resting on the uncomfortable edge of the tub. We’ve all tried rolling up a towel to rest our head on only to find it constantly slipping and sliding down into the water. This makes a mess and it’s hard to relax when you have to constantly adjust your position just to stay comfortable. A waterproof bath cushion provides the perfect solution. This ingenious invention from Everlasting Comfort provides the most comfortable and relaxing bath experience for you and the whole family.

Memory Foam Cushion

Everlasting Comfort’s ergonomic design coupled with the soft and squishy memory foam used to craft the pillow creates the perfect amount of support for the neck and shoulders. No longer will you come out of the bath only to have a stiff neck from leaning on the hard edge of the tub too long. filmefy Instead, you will want to stay in your bathtime haven even longer since your neck is perfectly supported and your shoulders can easily relax into the cloud of the pillow. Finally you can comfortably hold your book while you relax into a bubble bath at the end of a long day. Spend an hour reading your book and escaping the stress of the day. When your head, neck, and shoulders are supported this comfortably go ahead, light some candles, take two hours… no one’s judging you.

Suction Cups Hold the Pillow in Place

Remember in the old days when you’d roll your towel up to try and relieve the pressure from the hard edge of the tub grinding into your neck and shoulders while you tried to relax into a hot bath? That towel would inevitably unroll itself and slide all around forcing you to constantly have to adjust just to stay comfortable. Eventually you’d just end the bath early, dissatisfied.

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Those days are over with the waterproof bath pillow from Everlasting Comfort. This comfy cloud of a pillow has four suction cups you can use to stick it on the tub, right where you need it. This way no matter if it’s you using it, your taller husband, or your shorter daughter it can be placed in the perfect spot for maximum comfort and relaxation. Once you stick it down this pillow is here to stay. That means you can stay in your blissful bath as long as you please and leave satisfied and completely rejuvenated.

Breathable and Machine Washable Mesh Cover

At first you may want to keep your new waterproof bath cushion all to yourself, but it’s breathable mesh cover can be machine washed. Meaning – there is no reason you can’t share it with your family. After your sweaty husband uses it, let it air dry with the included drying hook. It’s lightweight mesh design means it will dry out quickly. Then throw the mesh cover in the wash with your towels. Voila a perfectly clean bath pillow ready for you to suds up and relax.

Since the waterproof bath cushion from Everlasting Comfort is so lightweight it is quick to dry. This coupled with being machine wash safe means it will stay fresh forever and won’t develop a stale mildew like smell. Other cushions which don’t have breathable mesh take longer to dry and can even grow mold. With the Everlasting Comfort waterproof tub pillow you know it will be safe for you and your family to use for years to come.

Built in Side Pocket

Not only will this waterproof bath cushion make your bath more comfortable, it will make it easier too. The whole reason for a bath is getting clean, but that usually means reaching all around for soap and loofahs. Relax faster since your comfortable and ergonomic bath pillow comes with a side pocket perfect for holding your soap and scrubby. thedocweb Once you are done reading and relaxing simply reach to your side and find everything you need. Get squeaky clean with no effort required.

Make Your Bathroom as Comfortable as Your Bedroom

A comfortably squishy yet supportive waterproof bath cushion is exactly what your bathroom is currently missing. There is no reason to deny having bath time be as relaxing as bedtime. You and your family deserve the best and with this amazing bath pillow from Everlasting Comfort you can all have a better and more blissful bath experience while its quick-drying mesh design keeps it sanitary. Honestly once we tried a bath with this amazing cushion we knew we were never going back to a basic rolled up towel behind the head again bestnewshunt.

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