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Examples of Customer Support on Twitter

There are countless examples of customer service on Twitter. A recent example of a brand doing an amazing job on this social media platform was Zappos. The company monitors conversations related to their brand name and jumps in to answer questions when they occur. The results of this strategy are clear: customers are loyal to brands that respond to their queries with creativity, humour, and a smile. Zappos’s approach to customer support on Twitter shows that it’s not all about the product celebritylifecycle.

A good example of customer support on Twitter is Twitter accounts that respond to customers immediately. In this case, Nike helped a customer who needed help because of bad weather. JetBlue, on the other hand, responded to customers’ requests almost immediately. Other companies that do great customer support on Twitter include the Hilton Hotel chain. It’s important to remember that customers search for the main page of a company first, so it’s important to respond to indirect mentions of your brand as well.

A brand that understands the value of time and prioritizes customers’ requests is the best example of customer service on Twitter. More than 40% of online adult US users expect a response within an hour. Another example is Goodreads. The publisher responded to a customer’s question at 7:53am ET, which is a fantastic example of timely customer service. It’s not just about responding to a customer’s query, but also giving them actionable advice starwikibio.

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