Fair Evaluation Techniques for Remote Learning

While there are numerous online and traditional methods of evaluating student progress, some are not fair to all students. Here are some tips for creating fair evaluations. First, treat evaluations like any other day. Instead of impressing your administrators with new strategies and technologies, focus on what you’ve already done. No teacher can fake the perfect lesson for an evaluation. Rather, you should focus on the positive things that your students have done.

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If possible, use a cheat-sheet to help you evaluate your students. Teachers should share strategies they use to engage students. If possible, share with the administrator what routines they follow. If there are any behavior problems, explain how to solve them. And make sure you know how to set up an online classroom! Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to assess your students’ progress. But remember that the purpose of your evaluation is to improve the quality of the class.

Consider all circumstances. Students’ circumstances may not be ideal for teaching and learning. They may be sharing a space with their families, live in different time zones, or have irregular access to the internet. Likewise, their technological skills may not be up to par. To mitigate the risks of cheating, consider providing access to resources that will help your students. They can use these resources to make their education more meaningful.

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