Heathen Henley, I Shouldn’t Have Met You Then

“Heathen Henley, I Shouldn’t Have Met You Then” begins with a banter between Henley and Nicki, the girl she’s been dating for almost two years. Nicki is the daughter of a foster mother and is an enigma. Her life has taken a turn for the worst and she’s reluctant to give up her foster daughter. But as they spend time together, Henley’s reluctance to end their relationship is matched with her growing attraction to Nicki.

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While Henley is a lesbian, Nicki is a lesbian. Nicki is a lesbian, but her biological mother isn’t aware of it. She uses her new girlfriend as leverage against Nicki for custody of her daughter. And she fears that Nicki’s exposure in the gaming world could cause her to lose sponsors and fans. Both women are scared of losing their livelihoods if the world knows about her new lover.

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