Hindi Sitcom – Sit Com – A Sitcom Is A Comedy Television Show

A sitcom is a comedy television show that features a central character in the middle of a story. Most sitcoms are set in an ordinary living room, but they can also take place in a more unusual setting, such as a sound stage. The set will often consist of convention-style chairs or temporary risers, which can be easily removed when another production moves into the space. The audience will view the scene from all angles, as the sets are often spread across the stage. It is possible to hear the proceedings through overhead monitors

The genre has been plagued by bad press for decades, from being derided as “boob tube” to being a dumping ground for couch potatoes. In 1961, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) called television a “vast wasteland”. This bad press is often tied to the situational comedy genre, which is widely regarded as culturally corrupting. While there is no denying the potential cultural slurs that can be achieved through sitcoms, the legacy of the television sitcom in popular culture goes far beyond canned laughter and prat falls

While the word “sitcom” is derived from a shorter form of “situation comedy”, its origins date back to radio. The first sitcom on television was shown in 1946, though Merriam-Webster dates its first appearance in 1962. While sitcoms are a staple of American television, they often have a political message, a social commentary, or a religious or societal issue. They are generally character-driven and revolve around a small group of recurring characters.

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