Is the Educational System Inculcating Or Teaching Us?

Are we inculcated with values and attitudes by the educational system? Traditionally, education has focused on fostering students’ abilities to acquire knowledge and skills, and explore the world. However, the current educational system Freshwap emphasizes the development of individualistic values that will prepare students to survive in the competitive world. While this has its benefits, it ignores the transition of these values from one generation to the next.

Across elibrary the world, schools have long been a vehicle for inculcating values and common social norms. In Turkey, SAT and placement exams are common, with multiple choice questions enough to pass. Schools have been used by different authorities as a Merdb means of communicating and transferring the values of their society to their students. By imposing their values on students, they create a moral habitat for them to grow up in.

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According to a survey, students should acquire values, such as respect, equality, and patriotism, as well as moral values. Teachers also influence students’ values development and cognitive development. They are considered critical determinants of society. These values are not just innate, but they should be nurtured and reinforced. The educational system is a powerful instrument in inculcating values and enhancing human character.

While progressive educators advocated for a democratic and republican society, they also criticized the use of rigid curricula. Horace Mann, a lawyer and legislator, became Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education in 1837. His influence spread to the other states. Today, we still learn about democratic and republican principles and our role in governing the public education system. Whether we are inculcated or taught, our education system has a great role to play in shaping our minds.

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