Madison at Tell I Meet You

Madison at Tell I Meet You is a satirical love story set in the world of celebrity weddings. In the story, Madison Dawson Valentine, owner of a famous wedding magazine, accidentally falls down the stairs. She is caught by Basti, Val’s assistant, who records the alleged kiss between Madison and Basti. As a result, Iris is shocked film indir mobil to discover that Madison is cheating on her with Basti.

Iris asks Madison about the Basti affair, and she reveals to her that she has had an affair with him. When Madison tells Iris about her affair with Basti, she is apprehensive thebirdsworld. It is not until later that she finally tells Iris about the affair. Iris is shocked, but she reassures Madison that her boyfriend likes her. The two girls spend the rest of the night chatting, and Madison is very excited to tell Iris about the affair infosportsworld.

madison at tell i meetyou

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