Sharing Unbeatable Live Rooster Fighting Experience

Let’s explore the fascinating world of cockfighting direct spurs at the house to have the experience with dramatic matches. Immerse yourself in the unique cockfighting space and satisfy your passion for betting and great playing experiences here.

Live cockfighting – New experience

This is a special cockfight where the cocks are equipped with a knife-like arc-shaped iron spur, which deals outstanding damage. This creates the attraction and passion of this subject for bettors.

Live cockfighting – New experience

In the past, to enjoy cockfighting matches, you needed to go to the cockfighting arena, which took a lot of time. But now, with the development of technology, you can watch matches from anywhere with just a smart electronic device connected to the Internet.

At the house 789BET, cock fighting direct spurs also extremely popular. You can press the ‘sign up’ button to join the free trial and discover the new world of cockfighting.

The secret to winning in live cockfighting

Let’s find out the experience of playing cockfighting to have a chance to win undefeated.

  • Choosing the right fighting chicken: You should choose healthy chickens with bright red crests, average age, neither too old nor too young. The cocks that are released do not turn around to look for food, but directly towards the opponent will have a higher chance of winning.
  • Know the bets: There are 3 types of bets in cockfighting direct spurs : cockfight BDD style, cockfight Meron style and cockfight Wala style. Master these types of bets to consider and choose the right cock.
  • Analysis of the scoreboard: Learn carefully the results of the last 5 matches of the 2 roosters participating in the current match. Analyze to determine the stronger fighting cock and consider options.
  • Take advantage of betting opportunities: Do not miss a good opportunity, place a strong bet when you have decided on a certain door.
  • Keep psychological stability: Always maintain a stable mentality when participating in betting, to be able to make the right and most informed decisions.

With the above tips, you will have a chance to win big when participating in cockfighting and become a winner in the cockfighting arena.

The secret to winning in live cockfighting

Reasons to choose 789BET to participate in cockfighting

There are many advantages that make you should not ignore 789BET if you want to participate in cockfighting direct spurs . Here are the highlights that the house brings:

Top reputation

789BET is one of the leading reputable and quality bookmakers in the Asian market. Ensuring a great experience for players without worrying about safety, fairness and transparency. The house is also granted a business license at a competent authority.

Top information security

All player information and data provided to 789BET is absolutely confidential and secure. We are committed not to leak or steal player information. Applying leading advanced security technology to ensure the safety of everyone participating in cockfighting direct spurs .

Spectacular interface and complete information

The interface of 789BET makes a strong impression on players right from the first visit. All information about the house is provided fully and scientifically arranged, making it easy for new players to manipulate.

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Link to the international arena

Thanks to its association with international arenas, 789BET provides eye-catching and quality cockfighting videos, giving the feeling of being directly involved in the arena.

Join live cockfighting at 789BET

The live kicker kicks the knife directly

The 789BET dealer is reliable with live cockfights, creating more excitement and vibrancy. The fun interaction and interesting commentary will not let you get bored.

24/7 customer care service

789BET has a dedicated and attentive customer service team, ready to assist you in any matter 24/7/day. No matter what difficulty you face, it will be answered immediately.

Attractive promotions

In addition to enjoying the cockfight direct spurs , you also have the opportunity to receive other attractive promotions such as giving newbie codes, card top-up promotions, birthday gifts and daily attendance to receive great gifts.

Please apply the experience of playing cockfighting direct spurs  from the article on the bookie 789BET to increase the winning rate in each bet. Do not miss our next articles, with useful and interesting sharing, will be updated as soon as possible.

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