Website Design for Low Bandwidth Visitors: Here Is Why Internet Speed Is a Major Factor in Website Designing

Here is a confession no one asked for; the majority of us have slow internet speed.

That is right, even in 2020; the world is still strivingto acquire high internet speed. We know it is hard to admit the fact that even after meeting the technological revolution, the global internet speed is nowhere close to representing the modern era.

The slow internet speed not only makes your life infuriating but it also affects your businesses. If you are a graphic designer you would probably have a high-speed internet connection combined with an efficient computer. Therefore, there are higher chances that you do not know about the misery of slow internet speed users.

But if you pretend to live in your bubble of luxury internet speed you might end up damaging your online business. This is because your audience has slow internet usage and if you create a website that demands a high bandwidth then you might end up losing your customers.

If you do not believe us here are some insights to slow internet speed in the United States:

If you are living in the United States, there are greater chances that you have a more luxurious life than the rest of the majority of the world. But that doesn’t mean that you have the luxury of high-speed internet. According to findings of Webpage FX, the following countries have the fastest average internet speed and the US is NOT one of them:

  1. South Korea
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Japan
  4. Switzerland
  5. Sweden
  6. Netherlands
  7. Ireland
  8. Latvia
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Singapore

That is shocking, right? A country known for its progressive approach can not provide its citizens with a high-speed internet system. There are a number of solid reasons behind why internet speed is slow in the United States but the most common of them all is the lack of knowledge.

People living in America either are clueless about which speed is called a high internet speed or they have no knowledge about the internet service providers that can help them acquire good internet speed.

For Instance, Cox Internet in the United States offers high-speed internet service. The company provides a number of affordable Cox packages for its users. These packages include internet speed of 150 Mbps, which is fast enough to stream movies online, download them in HD, and do gaming simultaneously!

This was information for our readers that we are oblivious to the better service providers in America that can take them out of the misery of slow internet speed. We still believe that not all of the internet users in the United States will jump to a high-speed internet service provider’s website to attain a speed that you had in mind while designing the website. Therefore, we suggest you to create a website while keeping the majority of lower bandwidth users in mind. Here is how you can make the changes in your website for slow internet speed visitors:

Limit the Content

Of course, a website is the face of the businesses. And you might think that putting all the information about your brand from head to toe on your website is a great idea to convert your visitors into customers. But what you don’t know is that the extra content on your website is damaging your website performance. The unresponsiveness caused due to extra content burden repels the lower bandwidth visitors.

Therefore, by limiting the display of the content of your website you will improve its speed, especially of the users with slow internet speed.

Minus Extra Visuals

Surely, adding visuals to your website design content makes it look cooler than an average website with just the content displayed. But, the sad part is that display with too many visuals such as videos and images is harmful to your business. These visuals increase the unresponsive rate of your website for those with slow internet speed.

Therefore, it is suggested to reduce down visuals to those videos and images that are absolutely necessary for your business digital representation.

Ensure Minimalistic Design

All that we said above directs to a specific website design known as minimalistic website design. By keeping your written content short and limiting the display of visuals on your website, you can favor your businesses. As the minimalistic design will make it easy for lower internet speed users to stay on your website rather than jump off to any other site that uploads quickly.

Here take Google for example. One of leasing digital business platform has the smallest website design. The website pages on Google ensures they follow principles of minimalistic website design. Therefore, even with snail-crawling internet speed users can visit the Google website.


Keeping your visitor’s internet speed in mind is essential to design a website. The blog has all the information on how the internet speed of your visitors influences your online business.


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