What Food Varieties Can Be Eaten While on the Keto Diet?

You may have read about the diet on keto-friendly sites, but you still may be wondering what types of food are allowed. While there are some restrictions, it is generally safe to eat a variety of food. Some examples include avocado, butter, and coconut oil. Other types of healthy oils include lard, ghee, and MCT oil. You can also make your own salad dressing with any type of healthy oil you choose.

Meats can be a staple of a ketogenic diet, and fatty fish is a great source of healthy omega-3 fat and quality protein. While plant proteins are okay for keto dieters, animal proteins are a better option. High-fat animal products are high in saturated fat, which is associated with heart disease and other health problems. For protein fill, try to choose naturally lean meats. Low-fat dairy products are also an excellent choice.

Fruits are a wonderful source of fiber and vitamin C. Try to eat at least 1/2 cup of fruit each day. You can eat them as a snack or dessert. Low-carb vegetables can also be a great substitute for starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, pasta, and breads. You can also eat a few berries and avocado. Vegetables are a great source of fiber and antioxidants, and should make up the majority of your keto meals.

Nuts and seeds are excellent keto snacks and meals. They contain healthy fats and fiber and are low in carbohydrates. Some sources of healthy fats include olive oil, sunflower seed oil, and rice bran oil. Avocado oil has the lowest carbohydrate count of all. High-fat nuts and seeds, such as macadamia and pistachios, are acceptable. However, keep in mind that low-carb varieties of nuts and seeds may increase the carbohydrate content.

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